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Let's go inside the mind of a Greg Jennings

The following three facts are indisputable:


  1. Greg Jennings: He is single-handedly the "most best offense in Madden history."
  2. Darren Sharper: Once considered the "most hardest hitting" free safeties in the league. (2016 UPDATE: MOST HARDEST HITTING RAPISTS)
  3. Ryan "The Real 25" Grant: The quintessential work horse running back.

This video is not only a great remix to the sensational work by DemetryJames86, but is quite possibly my favorite hip-hop song of all time.



The Last Ride

Today I told my team that this will be my last ride.” - Ray Lewis on January 2nd, 2013.

So much determination.

Ray Lewis is one of my favorite athletes of all time. The news of his retirement REALLY sucks for me. Instead of a feeble attempt on my part to articulate his amazing career with words, I recommend you instead watch the video embedded below. It does a FAR superior job of honoring this man's 17 years of greatness than I ever could.