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December 28th: The Day of Reckoning

Simply put, over the past few months I have become a lazy bum. I used to work out, run, and stay in decent shape. The feeling of going to bed with my core literally on fire is indescribable, and correlates to the best sleep ever. However, lately I have become a shell of my former self. All I seem to do is lay around and eat flavored crackers. Last summer I worked out at least once a day, and generally enjoyed doing it. Furthermore, while lifting weights or going for a run, I would listen to epic orchestra music with the perfect amount of "monk choir." Below you'll hear an example of such music:

I literally have 45 hours of this stuff, and it puts me in the mindset to destroy things. 

I will allow myself this weekend to be lazy, but this is what's going to happen on Monday, December 28th:

  1. Run at least 5 miles per week.
  2. Get of my ass and lift every other day.

New Years Resolutions never work, so I'm starting this process now, in the current year.

My goal is simple: By the time I return to Copper Falls this May, (The Most Magical and Sacred Place on Earth) I will have regained my former glory, and the man you see below will have finally returned. I would feel unworthy to be in such a place otherwise.

Never forget.


Weekly Internet Travels (12/6/09-12/12/09)

I'll be honest, while I thoroughly enjoy maintaining this website, I enjoy wasting countless hours on the internet more. This recurring phenomenon is precisely why I plan on posting a new "Weekly Internet Travels" entry on Fridays or Saturdays. In essence, this will be a roundup and depository of THE MANY THINGS I find during the week. Examples may include, but are not limited to:

  • News articles
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Random things that make me chuckle
  • Maybe the nude photos of myself that I promised a long time ago

And yes, I'm aware that December 12, 2009 is in fact tomorrow.

F*ck Winter Coolest Clock Ever? Video

Irish Car Bomb Float




You're welcome.

I recently got tired about how utterly repulsive my first design looked. It reminded me of some dark days from my youth in which I tried to draw. As my fancy new banner says, my design is still not finalized. However, since you are still reading the mindless stupidity that I spew, I feel that it's only right to reward you with a gift.

The following video is me, 2 summers ago, attempting to dance.


The Hip-Hop Industry: over-sexed or under-fed?

I live in Madison, Wisconsin, and I generally love this city. To name a few highlights:

  • Big city feel in a friendly environment
  • Many things to do
  • Amazing parks/bike trails

However, there is one thing that needs to be improved about Madison, and that is its RADIO STATIONS. There is honestly a good mixture of rock, oldies, hip-hop, and pop. The only problem is, the lineup generally sucks. However, since my Zune got stolen last summer, and when I get tired of When you see a man like this, looks can be deceiving.listening to ESPN Radio and NPR, I've been forced to listen the local stations lately...with interesting results. I usually hit the "scan" button to avoid listening to the mind numbingly stupid jingles, so when I come across a song that is mildly catchy, or has a decent beat, I usually listen. Lately, I've noticed that I've been listening to a lot of 93.1 now, which plays only hip-hop. After listening to a lot of this, I have come to the following theory with which I'm going to share with you:

Not including sex, killing, fights, and jewelery, there is one theme that is generally intertwined within hip-hop...the Inner City's love for food.

To prove my point, below are a few examples:

  1. Ying Yang Twins: Salt Shaker
  2. Kelis: Milkshake
  3. T-Pain: Apple Bottom Jeans
  4. DJ Aligator: Lollipop
  5. 69 Boyz: Tootsie Roll

And those are just some songs with food in the actual title. If you sit down for like a week, and listen to strictly hip-hop, I guarantee the odds of you not wanting to dance and eat a meal afterwards is incredibly, incredibly slim. 

QUESTION: Who is likely to endorse fast food chains?

ANSWER: Hip-hop artists, or other celebrities with hip-hop playing in the background.

Do you know why that music is usually played? Because it makes your mind crave burgers. That's why I plead to you to not scoff or think badly of the average thug on the street...but to instead offer him a Whooper. Deep down, that's all he truly desires.

A public service announcement from Jesse Zakshesky.


Long Island Iced Tea: My drink of choice

I would like to take this opportunity to formally announce to the world that I, Jesse Zakshesky, at the ripe age of 21 years old, can safely say that I have finally found the crowned jewel of alcoholic beverages, a drink that I anticipate enjoying for the duration of my life, and friends, that drink would be a refreshing Long Island Iced Tea.

For those of you who have yet to experience one of these delectable delicacies, here's the entire wikipedia article for you to gaze upon:

Long Island Iced Tea is a highball made with, among other ingredients, vodkagintequila, and rum. A popular version mixes equal parts vodka, gin, tequila, rum and triple sec with 1 1/2 parts sour mix and a splash of cola. Most variants use equal parts of the main liquors but include a smaller amount of triple sec (or other orange-flavored liquor). Close variants often replace the sour mix with sweet and sour mix or with lemon juice, the cola with actual iced tea, or add white creme de menthe; however, most variants do not include any tea, despite the name of the drink. Some restaurants substitute brandy for the tequila.

The drink has a much higher alcohol concentration (~28%) than most highballs because of the proportionally small amount of mixer. Long islands can be ordered "extra long" which signals the bartender to even further increase the alcohol to mixer ratio.

Outside of the United States, this highball is often altered, due to the unpopularity of sour mix[citation needed]. Long Island Iced Tea served outside the States is often made of liquors and cola alone (without sour mix), with lemon or lime juice, orange juice or with lime cordial.

In the UK Angostura bitters replaces sour mix in the cocktail.

You can also buy a premade mix at any liquor retailer, sold by Captain Morgan. However, as my roommate Eric can attest to, they are supposed to be mixed with actual ice tea or soda, with a little sour (typically lemon juice). Apparently the way I drink it, which is to pour a large glass, and adding some ice, is not appealing to him.

Eric: "My god, that tastes like paint thinner."

If you are like me however, you will fall in love with this tantalizing drink, and will want to make it at home. The short video below shows you how.



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