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Home Alone I & II: An in-depth analysis

With my Dad, I have been watching The Home Alone Series every holiday season since 1995. This means that I have seen these cinematic classics no less than 17 times each. 

I know my McCallisters, y'all.

This year, for no particular reason other than my own curiosity, I decided that I would attempt to document and analyze these beloved gems from my childhood. Listed below are a few quick thoughts:

  • Uncle Frank is a self-centered, penny-pinching, monster of a human being. Subsequently, he's also my favorite character in these films. 
  • Buzz: While his selfishness rivals that of his uncle, Buzz is a foul-mouthed bloat who severely lacks intelligence.
  • Fuller: Not only does he possess a bed-wetting problem, he apparently embraces his plight and uses it to his advantage.
  • I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when The Murphy's returned home from their Christmas vacation, only to find out that their basement was severely flooded by the McCallister kid from across the street.
  • Riding in the back of a Budget moving van on a non-stop polka jam-fest with the Kenosha Kickers would have been the time of my life.
  • The woman at the grocery store does not understand personal boundaries when it comes to privacy issues.

The sheer amount of destruction that Kevin was able to dish out with household items is not only amazing, it's also completely unbelievable. Between both films, there is no chance whatsoever that these guys would have been able to physically survive the beating which they experienced. 

Pardon me for not noticing the spell-check underlines.This kid should have probably underwent years of therapy.