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Cross Promotion at its finest

This is going to be my second post in a row in which I keep the article short and sweet. Suffice it to say, my good buddies Paul Lehrer, Eric Redding and myself decided it was time to create our own (Diggnation-themed) podcast. Embedded below is the inaugural episode of We So Excited.

It only makes sense to plug my own blog as well :)


January 15th, 2012

I'm going to keep this short and sweet because I'm still ultimately depressed over the Green Bay Packers loss last weekend:

  • Five individuals who love the Packers and gluttony congregate.
  • They make a giant meat football.
  • Until around halftime of the Packers/Giants game, they were having a decent time.
  • They ate a feast of epic proportions at halftime.
  • The events of the second half transpired.
  • They disband angrily.

The sexiest pile of food you'll ever see.

Mmmmm, high cholesterol.

Pat Lee and Jarrett Bush, you two individuals are the only people who have ever spoiled my appetite.


Two Miniseries you need to watch

In the highly unlikely scenario where you find yourself asking:

Hey, I wonder what that Jesse Zakshesky fellow has been up to...I should read his blog to find out!

...the following two trailers should properly explain why I haven't even logged into this stupid website in a month.

Normally I would go on a half-witted attempt to sound somewhat intelligent or funny, but you should really go to wherever it is that you get your video content, likely listed below, and pass out on your couch for a few weeks.

  • Netflix (If you haven't cancelled your membership yet)
  • Hulu (If you enjoy ads from Kraft foods)
  • Blockbuster (LOL!)
  • Illegal underground torrent trackers (You likely already downloaded these videos, whether you meant to or not.)

You're welcome. 


How Google bought me beer

via Wikipedia:

Google Wallet is a mobile payment system developed by Google that allows its users to store credit cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards among other things, as well as redeeming sales promotions on their mobile phone. Google Wallet uses near field communication to "make secure payments fast and convenient by simply tapping the phone on any PayPass-enabled terminal at checkout."

Seeing as though I'm a technology enthusiast, I decided it was time to give this a test run. Once I installed and set up the application on my phone, I discovered something beautiful in the confirmation email they sent me:

As a thanks for your early interest, we’ll give you $10 on the Google Prepaid Card if you activate it in Google Wallet by the end of the year.

Not only am I a technology enthusiast, but I'm also an enthusiast of sitting on my ass, drinking beer, and watching football. 

I did a quick search via zip code to see which retail establishments in my area support this sort of transaction, and I found the following:

FYI: I like Einstein Bagels as well.

Suffice it to say, location "A" was looking the most promising for the following reasons:

  • It gives me an excuse to visit the old corner-store from my old neighborhood. (REALLY BIG chocolate chip cookies!)
  • The lady who works there is kinda hot.
  • They have beer.

I walked in, verified that they do in fact have the necessary MasterCard PayPass terminals, grabbed my beer, flirted a little, finished my transaction, and vacated the premises with my free merchandise.

Thanks, Google!



Why I'm an idiot.

  1. I recently moved.
  2. I wanted a better deal on Internet Access.
  3. My new ISP doesn't support, a sports-streaming service.
  4. I won't be watching as much College Football as I originally planned.

Maybe I'll just go outside or workout more? One could only hope, because I'm going to have A LOT of pent-up energy on Saturdays.