Real Men of Genius
Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at 6:45PM
Jesse Zakshesky in Advertising, Badassery, Beer, Journal, Society

Allow me to state this upfront, after trying the many iterations of Budweiser products -- ranging from Bud Light Lime to Michelob -- I can honestly say that this so called "beer" is comparable to horse urine in terms of flavor. With that said however, the marketing team for Anheuser-Busch...those guys are champions.

From the "Bud. Weis. Er" amphibians, up to those adorable Clydesdale ponies (which probably explains why the beer tastes like horse piss in the first place), it has become evident that these brewers from St. Louis, Missouri are not messing around. The finest example of the Budweiser marketing prowess would likely be their early 2000s advertising campaign, Real Men of Genius.

My personal favorite is the "Mr. Golfball Washer Inventor" ad. Seriously, guys. Google that ad.

UPDATE: I just downloaded every iteration of "Real Men of Genius" ever released.

— Jesse Zakshesky (@zaksheskyman) January 30, 2014

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