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09/24/2012: A night that will live in infamy

via the blog, Acme Packing Company:

If any good comes out of this play -- which was only the worst call in what was almost certainly the most poorly officiated professional sporting event I've ever watched -- it will be the event that forces Roger Goodell to pick up the phone to the professional referees and ask them to name their price. If the Packers had to lose to save the integrity of the NFL going forward, at least this nonsensical game did some good for sport."

via the ESPN NFC North Blog:

I'm sure Packers president Mark Murphy will address the league in some way. But for regional pride, if nothing else, I would love to see the NFL's offices swarmed by Packers shareholders who live in New York City. And how great would it be if 360,000 or so people jammed the phone lines and had their collective voices heard? Wouldn't it be awesome if local ratings in and around Green Bay plummeted Thursday night, the next time the NFL is shown on TV?"

For one of the first times in my life, I'm at a loss of words.

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Reader Comments (2)

If I knew enough about football--cared enough about football--I'd probably have been outraged already, but a nice article by The New Republic was a handy guide on developing and channeling outrage.

September 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJake DeBacher

Thanks for sharing this article, Jake.

My main issue regarding the situation is this. For the past three years, the NFL has been attempting to improve and protect the "integrity of the game." So far this year, these games have taken approximately 20 minutes longer to finish because of the uncertainty these referees have demonstrated. Not to mention the fact that they have lost complete control of these games a number of times, which has lead to injuries. These players feel that they can get away with more risks and have little fear of reprimand; almost as if they were students dealing with a substitute teacher.

As biased as I am towards the Packers, what has transpired thus far has NOT demonstrated integrity, and by the NFL defending its actions I feel that they are being incredibly hypocritical.

September 25, 2012 | Registered CommenterJesse Zakshesky

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